• Have you tried everything to help your picky eater, but nothing’s worked?
  • Are family meals tense and exhausting?
  • Are you ‘so over’ rewards charts and endless bargaining?
  • Are you worried that your child’s picky eating will result in poor health?
  • Are your child’s food choices brand-specific?
  • Are you tired of receiving well-intended advice from family members and friends?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we’re really glad you’re here. Our mission at Dr. Daisy Miller and Associates is to provide you with an individualized plan for helping your picky eater be calmer and more adventurous towards new foods. We offer a mixed-method, evidenced-based approach, stemming from behavioral, neuro-psychological, sensory, nutritional, and family-systems models.

At Dr. Daisy Miller and Associates, we do a detailed picky eating evaluation to get a better understanding of all of the factors inhibiting your child’s readiness to try new foods and eat freely. During the first parent meeting, we will review your child’s growth chart and discuss your child’s current food likes and dislikes. Your dietician will assess your child’s nutrition status and provide you with immediate recommendations to improve any nutritional deficits if needed. We will then initiate an individualized plan for helping your child be more relaxed and comfortable around trying new foods. Picky eating appointments are parent-only sessions for kids younger than 13y.

Please call to schedule an initial appointment (240-449-4022) or book online here.

About Dr. Daisy

Dr. Daisy is the owner of the group nutrition practice, Dr. Daisy Miller & Associates. She and her staff are licensed dieticians with expertise in medical, psychological, and behavioral nutrition. We are thoughtful and compassionate in our approach to helping our clients reach their eating and health goals. We have a wide referral network and look forward to collaborating with your health care team.

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