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So many teens worry about eating at college. And it’s no wonder – University life presents a number of challenges:

  • Dining halls can be overwhelming
  • Irregular class schedules lead to irregular eating times
  • Late night social eating is the norm
  • Body image can suffer on campus, which can lead to disordered eating
  • College classes can be stressful!

Welcome to EAT WELL UNIVERSITY -- a six-week program to build a solid eating and self-care plan for college. We will give you all the tools you need to eat well, be emotionally and physically healthy, and stay on track.

During your six-week program, you and your dietician will build a custom, curated toolbox that is just the right size for small living spaces. This toolbox will include custom notecards with meal and eating plans (specific to your college dining options), restore and reset activities for stressful moments, mindfulness exercises for self-connection, and an SOS plan to use when more support is needed. Our young adults love bringing their curated box to school – it provides a foundation for self-care and mindful eating they can use even after graduation. Need a booster session mid-semester? No problem! We can work together by phone or video conference.

Book individual sessions for EAT WELL UNIVERSITY, or enroll in the EAT WELL UNIVERSITY GROUP CLASS (registration available in April) – click here.

About Dr. Daisy

Dr. Daisy is the owner of the group nutrition practice, Dr. Daisy Miller & Associates. She and her staff are licensed dieticians with expertise in medical, psychological, and behavioral nutrition. We are thoughtful and compassionate in our approach to helping our clients reach their eating and health goals. We have a wide referral network and look forward to collaborating with your health care team.

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